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Windows 10 SpeedUp


Windows 10 SpeedUp will make your Windows 10 perform faster on any pc/laptop permanently. By disabling windows settings like visual effects, transparency, tips, suggestions, apps suggestions, etc., you will instantly speed up performance of windows for good.

To get started, download the program, run it and take a look at settings section. You will see all the options for speeding up windows. Enable them all (Recommended) for best performance.

If you really want to boost your windows 10 performance without optimisation, i recommend you buy a SSD drive, that way, you wont need any optimisation because SSD has much faster read/write speed.

Note: You dont need to keep this program running in the background or anything like that as the settings that this program changes are windows built-in settings, and once they are changed, they will stay that way even after closing the program.




How to use Windows 10 SpeedUp program